Inclusive, calming health spaces for community well-being and engagement.




Blending sustainable practices and the latest technology to create diverse, adaptable environments. We actively involve the community at every step to ensure each space reflects their needs.

43 years

of experience


successful projects delivered

Over 100,000m²

of healthcare, surgical & laboratory space renovated


Delivering three health centres for people over 50, helping them achieve longevity and quality of life in their later years.


Bringing community health spaces to life.

Frankston Vic Local.

A multifunctional hub that reflects the unique identity of Frankston, co-created with locals, businesses, and community leaders.


A 1000m2 communal comfort zone, tailored to suit community needs in a place where all who visit feel at home.

Brimbank Vic Local.

A supportive and accessible environment, increasing awareness and utilisation of mental health support in the Brimbank community.

Thoughtful, calming design. Accessible for all.

Our designs focus on creating a calm atmosphere to support those with anxiety and mood disorders. Every sensory-friendly element is placed intentionally to promote open discussion and effective healing.

We design interactive, engaging health education areas to boost awareness and participation in health initiatives.

We understand the importance of elements like ramps, wide doorways, protective hardware, and dual-accessible consultation rooms to ensure a secure, inclusive environment for everyone.


Attentive to your needs, we fine-tune our approach for your specific requirements to ensure you receive the perfect solution for you.


Guided by human-centred design, our top-tier designers unite comfort, quality, and functionality. The result? A space that’s uniquely yours.


With over 40 years under our belt, we’ve refined our agile methods to perfection. Now, we can propel projects 15% quicker than conventional approaches.


Delivering functional, nurturing spaces that set the stage for community interaction, growth, and connection. The Interite team goes beyond just design, committed to enhancing community health.

Pushing community health forward.​


With over 40 years of innovation in designing and constructing facilities for community health, medical specialists, healthcare, life sciences, and biotech sectors, our portfolio speaks for itself.

Our work for Avanti Health Centres is a great example of our expertise in delivering high quality community health facilities on time and on budget.

We have a robust understanding of regulatory requirements. Our specialised team actively monitors the latest healthcare standards, ensuring our designs align seamlessly with mandates from The Department of Health and Aged Care.

Our cost-control strategy is meticulous, involving detailed budgeting, thorough cost analysis, and regular financial reporting. Our transparent cost breakdowns and dedication to delivering value within the agreed budget ensures that we deliver an optimal result, without compromising our fiscal responsibility to our clients.

Take a look at our work for Linear Clinical Research Facility and see how our strategic, forward-thinking approach circumvented potential cost blow-outs when converting an old gymnasium into a state-of-the-art facility for clinical trials.

Our robust risk management framework allows us to anticipate challenges and strategise solutions ahead of time. We conduct thorough risk-assessments at each project phase to proactively identify and mitigate potential challenges before they happen.

This, paired with our extensive experience working exclusively in the healthcare space, means our agile team reduces the occurrence of unexpected challenges, and navigates unforeseeable issues with finesse.

Our project management ethos is centered around transparency, efficiency, and collaboration. Using advanced project management tools (Procore®) and agile methodologies, our approach guarantees streamlined coordination – a must in complex, regulated settings.

Check out our work for City Fertility for a behind-the-scenes look at how we navigate complex, highly regulated projects to deliver an innovative result while keeping project deadlines and costs on track.

Collaboration is at our core. We champion collaborative progress by maintaining open dialogue with all stakeholders across streamlined communication channels, regular meetings, and real-time updates via our project management platform. By keeping everyone on the same page, at every step, we ensure projects are completed on or ahead of schedule.

Check out our work for Avanti Health Centres to see how we delivered 3 health and fitness centres in different locations. At the same time. During COVID. On time and on budget.

Absolutely. We design with the future in mind. Your space should never limit you. Our facilities are tailored for adaptability and scalability, ready to evolve with advancements in healthcare practices and technology.

Our design philosophy is rooted in innovation so incorporating the latest technologies is an integral part of our process. To ensure our designs are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge technology, we collaborate with industry leaders and suppliers, and continually invest in our own research, to deliver designs that sit at the forefront of medical advancement.

Check out our work for Epworth Radiology, where we collaborated with SMEs and equipment suppliers to include advanced, specialised equipment for a state-of-the-art nuclear medicine facility.

Of course. We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and so are our clients. Testimonials from our past clients are available across our website and you can view our extensive healthcare portfolio here.

Esteemed clients from various healthcare sectors can vouch for our commitment to excellence and ability to deliver superior results.

Sustainability is a core element in all of our designs. We prioritise eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable practices and believe good design does more than simply meet environmental standards.

We aim to continually learn and adjust our processes as new information becomes available, while encouraging environmental stewardship and community well-being through our work.