Most animal owners say that their pet is part of their family. Taking a cosy spot on the couch or on their very own bed in their favourite spot, endless fetches for the ball or cuddles on your lap; they eagerly demand all the love and affection that any other member of the family needs.

That’s why animal owners will take their beloved pet to only the best animal hospital. They are more than just pets.Referred Veterinarians plus the comfort of the environment will win you some major points. However, there’s more to the story.

So how do you get your Animal Hospital to be the talk of the town?

  1. Show the Love in Your Hospital

You know the saying, ‘First impressions last’. The interior design and fitout of a veterinary hospital doesn’t have to have to have an exuberant price tag attached. Show your passion visually; wall murals, displaying company values, integrate spaces for every user and purpose. Let the space communicate your individual passion and business mission visually. Providing an environment that genuinely represents your integrity and expertise will matter.

  1. Explore Attention to Detail

Understand each animal and their needs. Consider animal behaviours and their needs when you are considering your entrance and exit zones, consultation, and treatment areas. Precise planning and design can also assist in efficiency of functionality and service provision. Clever design will allow the space to function on its own if the relationship with its surrounds has been included in the design process. Operational areas of your business can also be improved such as odour control and integration of external services with the clinic, thoughtful design can go a long way for business sustainability and client satisfaction.

  1. Consider Your Space

If animal owners are having to leave their pet overnight or more, they need to feel secure they are in the best hands. Dog and cat overnight stay areas are ergonomically designed, reassuring the clients that their pets are in the right hands, with a space designed to be as close as possible to what home would feel like, with efficient design details which not only reassure the client of the care being given, but also ensures the design facilitates the ease and functionality of taking care of overnight stays.

We do urge you to consider your space, anticipate growth and ensure your practice has everything to meet the needs of your furry friends and their owners. When it comes to veterinary clinics you are serving two audiences – the humans (even the kids) and the animals. Private and public waiting areas, spaces for children, ambulant access and bathroom facilities are essential if space permits.

  1. Timing is of the Essence

If you’re an existing business and looking to renovate you may need to consider a staged approach. Keeping your business operational will demonstrate client dedication and enable you to keep your current clients, instead of potentially using them to another practice in the meantime.