QuIHN Launches New Design

Our interior design and build teams at Interite are pleased to help deliver vital healthcare and wellness services to the community and surrounding areas of Maroochydore, through the purpose designed specialist alcohol and other drug service centre, QuIHN Ltd. The services provided at the coastal inspired clinic will include general health care, counselling, group therapy, […]

Acoustic Management in Medical

There are many sounds specific to medical and healthcare environments. These range from patient/ doctor interactions, equipment functions and visitor conversations just to name a few. While these noises correlate with beneficial activities, noise transfer in medical and healthcare facilities is an unwanted side effect and an issue commonly overlooked during the planning and development […]

Four Steps to Your New Animal Hospital

Most animal owners say that their pet is part of their family. Taking a cosy spot on the couch or on their very own bed in their favourite spot, endless fetches for the ball or cuddles on your lap; they eagerly demand all the love and affection that any other member of the family needs. […]

Challenges of Practice Ownership: Competition

Challenges of Practice Ownership: Competition No matter whether you are a small business owner or a practice owner and operator, there are issues that can be faced if there is no appropriate planning. Medical businesses are not exempt from the issues other businesses face, and with some insight into the three main types of issues, […]