The Evolution of the Standard Consult Room

It is no secret that technology is the frontier with our ever-evolving healthcare system. The medical design has had a significant impact on the evolution of general practice healthcare. Shifting away from acute care settings that created the multidisciplinary clinic has been extremely beneficial on multiple fronts, especially in keeping the costs down for patients and clinics. Not only that, this change has brought in numerous medical and architectural trends with it.  

One significant change that is brought forward is the evolution of the standard consult rooms. The patient-centred design focuses on putting the patient forward and creating an environment that is more than just a space for various appointments and procedures to be carried out. Impactful and meaningful experiences are not typical emotions felt when visiting a health clinic, but that is what we want to achieve through thoughtful design.    

Doctor’s consult rooms have always been associated with a typical healthcare atmosphere, that looks like a cold room with empty white walls. This is the base of change, the core feeling of walking in a sterile room. Patients want to feel welcomed, like walking into someone’s living room. Once the atmosphere is safe and calming, patients are more comfortable to share their health concerns. It is vital to create a nurturing and intimate space for patients and doctors to have a conversation instead of a briefing meeting. Warm and soft textiles and colours have a significant impact on the consulting room.   

Designing and fitting out a consulting room with welcoming environment for people using the facility in a healthcare setting is an essential factor. On top of that, it’s far more likely for your patients feel comfortable to revisit and recommenyour practice to their friends and family. 

Creating a patient-centred consult room is not always easy and can be overwhelming with dozens of different aspects of the process to consider. Our helpful team at Interite Healthcare Interiors can help you with the process from start to finish. Contact us here to get started.