The Power of Wayfinding: What it can do for you  

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the hospital signages when you went for your appointment? Or found yourself walking in circles to find the consulting room? You are not alone. According to Richard Matyear’s article from “The human cost of hospital navigation issues”, 30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost in hospitals due to the […]

The Evolution of the Standard Consult Room

It is no secret that technology is the frontier with our ever-evolving healthcare system. The medical design has had a significant impact on the evolution of general practice healthcare. Shifting away from acute care settings that created the multidisciplinary clinic has been extremely beneficial on multiple fronts, especially in keeping the costs down for patients and […]

Biophilic Design

What is Biophilic Design? Biophilic design seeks to connect our inherent need to affiliate with nature in the modern built environment. An extension of the theory of biophilia, this need is thought to remain instrumental to people’s physical and mental health, fitness, and wellbeing. Impact of Biophilic Design Have you noticed the more regularly you are exposed to […]

Human Centred Design Impacts Healthcare Delivery

Designing for both the patients and staff in facilities providing healthcare services has evidently evolved over the years. There are many factors to consider when designing a medical facility. From the emergence of new technology to patient experience, patients feel at ease when they are vulnerable, whilst designing to enhance infection control. Human-Centred Design (HCD) […]

Healthcare Design Trends in APAC

As the CEO of a leading healthcare organization in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, I am continually inspired by the innovation and transformation taking place within our industry. At the heart of this evolution lies the design of healthcare facilities, where creativity and functionality intersect to shape the future of patient care. In this article, I am delighted to share insights into the key trends shaping healthcare design in our dynamic region.

Healthcare Design is Technical

Healthcare Design is More than Aesthetics, it’s Technical. It’s imperative that the space is welcoming and provides the best patient experience, this aids in easing anxiety when a patient can be at their most vulnerable as well as creating positive referrals for your business and helping in the patient’s recovery. Let’s not forget the clinical […]

Fitouts on Time and on Budget

Avanti Health Centre, CEO, Darryl Grundy had no time to lose. Working to a tight time frame in the lead up to Christmas, he entrusted Interite Healthcare Interiors to deliver three fitouts so he could launch his new fitness and exercise business. From the very first stages of design, the focus was to open the […]

Designing for Mental Healthcare

Creating spaces to heal and promote mental health and wellbeing is a combination of both safety and therapeutic design. The interior design team at Interite Healthcare Interiors pride themselves on creating and delivering spaces that enable healthcare professionals to do their best work and spaces that enhance the patient experience. This primary focus goes without […]

Finding the Right Urgent Care Property

Looking to start your own urgent care clinic? There are many considerations from property acquirement, funding, design elements, construction and fitout. Let’s first start with finding the right property to maximise your business goals. Getting your business model and strategy drafted is essential to the successful implementation of any business. When starting your new urgent […]

Creating a Successful Healthcare Business?

Successfully creating and growing a thriving healthcare business is vital to both your bottom line, your staff retention and your patient experiences. There are many contributing factors that assist as the key ingredients to ensuring its success. As experts in the interior design and fitout of healthcare spaces across Australia; we would like to share […]