Managing the Risk of Cost Escalation

Managing the Risk of Cost Escalation, Labour and Material Shortages Due to ever volatile market conditions, it is more important now than ever to have a robust cost and risk management plan in place. Careful cost planning, healthy supplier relationships and cost-effective design are the cornerstone of a robust risk mitigation plan. Current market conditions […]

Healthcare Design is Technical

Healthcare Design is More than Aesthetics, it’s Technical. It’s imperative that the space is welcoming and provides the best patient experience, this aids in easing anxiety when a patient can be at their most vulnerable as well as creating positive referrals for your business and helping in the patient’s recovery. Let’s not forget the clinical […]

Fitouts on Time and on Budget

Avanti Health Centre, CEO, Darryl Grundy had no time to lose. Working to a tight time frame in the lead up to Christmas, he entrusted Interite Healthcare Interiors to deliver three fitouts so he could launch his new fitness and exercise business. From the very first stages of design, the focus was to open the […]