Determining the best design, refit or fitout for your healthcare practice or clinic can be a difficult decision; especially when considering cost, time constraints, functionality and regulations.

It makes sense to partner with a healthcare design and construction company to take the reins and guide your project to success.

Yet, although it may be the best decision, some may think they are able to save money by not doing so. Well, today I would like to take you through what can happen if you don’t choose a medical design specialist for your healthcare project.

  1. Compliance: Workplace Health and Safety compliance for medical practices and facilities is of paramount importance to the practice, patients and staff; and when not working with a healthcare design and construct specialist, it can be missed by anyone whom is not up-to-date with the mandatory regulations.
  2. Aesthetics: A specialist medical design team understands the needs of staff and patients in a healthcare environment and knows that an inviting and beautiful space must also reflect the clinic’s functionality, add to the patient’s comfort, and increase productivity and morale; however, a mainstream architect may not understand the balance of aesthetic, material durability, and functionality in healthcare.
  3. Efficiency: Ensuring your medical practice is designed to its optimum efficiency is critically important, especially in terms of financial viability. If you choose to work without a company who specialises in healthcare fitout, your design will not be ensured to work in the most efficient way possible and may not optimise your ability for a greater output and revenue.

These are just three simple examples of what may happen if you don’t choose a medical design specialist to guide and support your healthcare fitout. Many things can go wrong in any design and construct project, and in the healthcare industry, there are many more strict regulations and processes to be followed, which is why having a specialist in the field is critical.

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