Looking to start your own urgent care clinic? There are many considerations from property acquirement, funding, design elements, construction and fitout.

Let’s first start with finding the right property to maximise your business goals.

Getting your business model and strategy drafted is essential to the successful implementation of any business. When starting your new urgent care clinical space it’s imperative you consider the following:

The Community:

Where are needs and in what communities, this will define the best location for your future urgent care facility. It will also assist in tailoring your services and recruiting the right staff to service the needs in that community. Starting an urgent care facility in a smaller city is big news, avoid the mistake of setting up business where urgent care already exists

Lease/Property Negotiations:

Does your current GP Practice allow for expansion or renovation, will the Council allow the changes, would it be more beneficial to relocate and build the design into a new space

Minimising Fitout Costs:

Ensure you inspect any new property thoroughly before you sign on the dotted line. The infrastructure existing could have a big or small impact on your fitout budget

If you’re thinking about starting your own urgent care clinic, please reach out.