Successfully creating and growing a thriving healthcare business is vital to both your bottom line, your staff retention and your patient experiences. There are many contributing factors that assist as the key ingredients to ensuring its success.

As experts in the interior design and fitout of healthcare spaces across Australia; we would like to share with you our top tips to consider when establishing your own, or relocating, your healthcare business.

Selecting the Right Location

Understand your target market. Demographic and geographic insights of your intended or current client base will guide you in seeking a property in an aligned location to that demographic market. Also, being within close vicinity to, or within an, established or growing community will assist in attracting a client base that can deliver prosperity to your business, and providing commute options to your patients.

Know how much you need to budget

If you can acquire the funding and source a property that does not require demolition or works to the shell, then you have a head start already. Existing premises can lead to costly demolitions and renovations. On the contrary, starting with a warm shell will give you provisions such as electrical, heating/cooling, HVAC systems and plumbing.

What makes your practice different?

No doubt if you’re locating to an already populated, or growing, community there will already be service providers the same or similar to yours. Can you tailor your offering different to theirs? Can you provide a better patient experience than what they can? Consider the design of your space and how you can create it to provide an individualised, better experience to your clients, while planning for the growth you will experience down the track.

If you’re looking to transform an existing or new medical space, reach out and we will get in contact with you.