Healthcare and the Rise of Digital Disruption

Healthcare and the Rise of Digital Disruption Many contemporary challenges face healthcare systems, including the rise of technological and digital disruption. With this exponential rise and evolution of modern healthcare technologies, it is essential that health facilities incorporate a design and construct approach which prepares for, and embraces, the change. With that being said, there […]

Trends in Practice Design

What Trends can be Beneficial to Your Practice? In today’s day and age, healthcare professionals are increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of design and how the physical environment can contribute to healing and improved recovery times. Because of this, Interite Healthcare Interiors predict an exponentially greater adoption of multidisciplinary designs when designing healthcare […]

Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Client Experience

Using Virtual Reality to Enhance Client Experience Virtual reality (VR) has been used as a buzz word for many years in many different sectors and industries, and now it has found a real purpose within the medical design industry. VR is no longer just for fun and video games anymore, as it is now helping […]

Challenges of Practice Ownership: Competition

Challenges of Practice Ownership: Competition No matter whether you are a small business owner or a practice owner and operator, there are issues that can be faced if there is no appropriate planning. Medical businesses are not exempt from the issues other businesses face, and with some insight into the three main types of issues, […]

Let’s Take A Tour Through Australia’s Modern Hospitals

More Than Just Creating Space, Its Influencing Experience  Across the globe, the understanding and recognition of design’s potential are growing, as more realise it is not only about creating a space but also influencing the experiences within these spaces. With this growing understanding, today’s hospitals are a far cry from the utilitarian buildings of yesteryear. […]

Importance of Vision and Strategy Meetings

Okay, so you would like to create a new medical practice or refit your current one, but do you know where to start? Have you thought about the importance of defining the vision and strategy for this project first? A vision and strategy meeting is the facilitation of formalised and documented businesses management processes, which […]

The Future Of Healthcare Spaces

This article was first published in the Private Practice. It doesn’t seem so long ago that Channel 7’s ‘Beyond 2000’ drew the Australian populace in on a weekly basis, with its raft of reporters featuring technological innovations supposed to improve our lives, as well as be widely available soon after that notable historical junction. Now, having […]

The Complete Guide To Choosing Your Clinic’s Location

For a doctor, choosing the location of the clinic is almost as difficult deciding your specialised branch of study! A good location for your clinic can take your medical practice to new heights, while an average location could keep you frustrated by lack of exposure which could be detrimental. Given the importance of location plays, […]

Shifting Paradigm in Healthcare Interiors

Rethinking Healthcare Environments The evolution in healthcare delivery has pushed practices to rethink healthcare space. A better interior design is now easily equated to better care. Healthcare interiors are serving needs of patient, family and staff in changing ways: the patient room, the lobby and waiting areas, and even consulting rooms and staff area. Healthcare […]