The Power of Wayfinding: What it can do for you  

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the hospital signages when you went for your appointment? Or found yourself walking in circles to find the consulting room? You are not alone. According to Richard Matyear’s article from “The human cost of hospital navigation issues”, 30% of first-time visitors get confused and lost in hospitals due to the […]

Human Centred Design Impacts Healthcare Delivery

Designing for both the patients and staff in facilities providing healthcare services has evidently evolved over the years. There are many factors to consider when designing a medical facility. From the emergence of new technology to patient experience, patients feel at ease when they are vulnerable, whilst designing to enhance infection control. Human-Centred Design (HCD) […]

Funding Your Healthcare Fitout

Your ambitions are to begin your own healthcare practice or to refurbish your existing; we find the number one question amongst our clients is “how much will it cost?” and secondly, “how do I access the funds to make it happen?”. Keeping your space on-trend with the latest designs and technological advances can aid in […]

Does Good Design Affect Patient Experience?

A patient can experience differing outcomes of their recovery due to the environment around them. There is no difference between a new medical space that provides all the flexibility of a blank canvas or an existing space that needs some revitalisation and additional functionality. From a design perspective, the common denominator here is the application […]