The future of workplace design hangs in the balance as many company HR executives are beginning to truly understand the need for environments that promote health and wellness for employees.

No More Grey Cubicles

Gone are the days of dull grey cubicles arranged in cramped sections that created an entire generation of mentally and physically sick employees in their wake.

In comes the dawn of a new way of looking at workspaces that encourage and inspire employees to be at their creative and innovative while on the company clock.

In the past ten years, studies have found that the overall quality and health of a work environment can directly affect the productivity levels of employees. Most employers know that they are required by OSHA guidelines to provide a workplace that is free of obvious hazards. Now they are designed to prevent misery that many employees experience on a daily basis in their assignments.

Some are taking this to a whole new level by also incorporating on-site wellness centres to make it more convenient for employees to get healthier.

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