Avanti Health Centre, CEO, Darryl Grundy had no time to lose.

Working to a tight time frame in the lead up to Christmas, he entrusted Interite Healthcare Interiors to deliver three fitouts so he could launch his new fitness and exercise business.

From the very first stages of design, the focus was to open the sights as quickly as possible so Darryl could achieve important funding milestones.

The fact that these fitouts were spread across Queensland in Townsville, Caloundra and Southport only added to the challenge of delivering each fitout on time.

Why did Darryl award Interite Healthcare Interiors the fitout contract for his initial three centres?

“In a previous role with the University of Queensland, I had worked with several design and construct firms, so I knew who Interite were,” says Darryl Grundy.

“I knew the quality of their work. So when the time came to launch my own centres, it allowed me to delve more deeply into what Interite could deliver and what they could achieve.

“What stood out was Vern Rowland and his Interite team and their commitment to the success of our project. The fact that Interite was able to commit to completing the three fitouts within the specified budgets and timeframes was the reason that we decided to award them the contract.”

What has been the feedback on the fitouts Interite has delivered, and has it helped you grow your business?

“There’s absolutely no doubt that a hundred per cent of our members are glowing in their feedback about the quality of the facilities, the look and feel,” says Darryl.

“When we sat down with Vern and the design team, we wanted to create a sense of arrival at our facilities. We wanted to ensure that in no way did they feel like a normal gym. That they did not feel like a medical centre or heaven forbid look like a hospital outpatients.

“We wanted to get that vibe that resonated with our target demographic, the over 50s.

“Essentially, the scope that we gave them was to develop a Hamptons meets the seaside look and feel. That completely de-institutionalized the feel of the of the centres.

“And the feedback from our members is 100% that we achieved that. They feel like it is a centre that they can call their own.

“They also feel that the quality of the premises, the ambience that the fitout has delivered has ticked all the boxes we were looking to do with regards to our membership base.”

You only had a short lead-up before Christmas for these three centres to be fitted out. In such a situation, it would have been very easy for cost blowouts. How did Interite help you keep the fitouts on budget and on time?

“That’s a very good question. Because you would also throw into the mix Covid related consequences, which would include the ability to source qualified staff and trades,” says Darryl.

“In essence, any potential delays or cost blowouts were overcome by workshopping various scenarios. The communication processes throughout the the entire construction program we’re excellent.

“So concerning the ability to stay on time and budget, it was a credit to Interite’s level of organisation and management .”

Darryl, what feedback did your staff give you about working with the team from Interite?

“I have actually canvased my team for their comments,” says Darryl.

Darryl shared the following comments from his Clinical Director, Simon Whitehart, who was instrumental in the design of the centres and worked closely with Vern Rowland and the Interite team.

“Essentially, Interite staff are always courteous, friendly, offered a can-do approach to problems and alterations,” said Simon Whiteheart.

“Interite staff are approachable, willing to resolve items when raised and are cooperative in achieving a win-win outcome for Avanti and Interite.

“Interite provided weekly update reports with images for all three sites.

“Interite accommodated Avanti staff when closing out the final stages, as this was critical for us in terms of installing our high-tech equipment.

“Interite delivered a high level of care. For example, even though incorrect stones were delivered for scattering on the faux Garden at Caloundra, three Interite staff were involved in cleaning the stones and working as a team to reinstall them.

“It was a difficult procedure carried out without complaint and completed to our satisfaction.

“Because Caloundra was the first of the three sites to be completed, the learnings from the Caloundra site were applied appropriately to Townsville and Southport.

“Which led to less variation requests and smoother delivery. The extra effort shown by Interite was very much appreciated.”

Regarding general comments from his staff, Darryl went on to say that Interite were cooperative to work with and shared a common goal of delivering a quality outcome.

“It was quite a a challenging environment. We had multiple interested stakeholders, including investors, etc. to keep happy,” says Darryl.

“Interite were very obliging and understanding of our working requirements in terms of working with all those stakeholders.

“At all times, they communicated in professionally and were willing to resolve matters quickly. “Even if that meant Interite absorbing some costs which we duly noted and greatly appreciated.

“In short, Interite we’re good to work with, and the working relationship between Interite and Avanti was excellent!”

From all reports, your business is now up and running successfully. It is now some time since the fitouts were completed. Have the fitouts stood up to the test of time?

“The fitouts still look brand new. It’s as though we had just cut the ribbon at each centre,” says Darryl.

“All the amenities still look outstanding, from the reception and waiting areas to the gym and the consulting rooms.

“Regarding the design and flow, there’s very little revision to the design. They are working perfectly and as planned and basically as we requested in our brief, which Interite delivered.

“So, I can very confidently state that they have stood the test of time now that we have hundreds of members coming in and out each day.

“I’m very confident that they’ll stand to the test of time for the next five to ten years based on the durability of the materials that we’ve put in.”

Darryl, Interite has ticked all the boxes, delivering three centres on time and within budget. Would you recommend Interite Healthcare Interiors?

“I would do so without reservation.
Absolutely,” said Darryl.

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