More Than Just Creating Space, Its Influencing Experience 

Across the globe, the understanding and recognition of design’s potential are growing, as more realise it is not only about creating a space but also influencing the experiences within these spaces.

With this growing understanding, today’s hospitals are a far cry from the utilitarian buildings of yesteryear. Across Australia, healthcare design is revolutionising and delivering hospitals that defy convention and provide a testimony to design. So, what I would like to do today is take you on a tour through three of Australia’s modern hospitals that are reinventing the typical hospital designs.

Fiona Stanley Hospital (Perth)

This $2-billion hospital is a modern structure that expresses comfort and care in an environment that is often feared. Its incorporation of natural imagery and foliage into its design encourages positive wellbeing and moods in both the staff and the clients through its landscaping and capitalisation on its natural surroundings.

Fiona Stanley Hospital Perth - Hospital Design and Fitout

The Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne)

This hospital has racked in over 30 industry awards for its family-centred approach. This design concept recognises that children and families are highly stressed when in a hospital environment, therefore has implemented distractions throughout the design to engage. These ‘distractions’ are unique, bright and colourful, appealing directly to its main users: Children.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne - Modern Australian Medical Design

Bendigo Hospital (Bendigo)

This $630-million hospital creates a vibrant, upbeat and welcoming environment to promote a unique approach to well-being The design has put careful consideration into the indoor environmental quality through full-height glazing bounds and colourful and whimsical murals. Not only this, but the outdoor design reflects the natural landscape and sun.

Bendigo Hospital - Australian Healthcare Design

These are only three hospitals across the nation that are re imaging the healthcare design stigma that most clients hold.

Gone are the days of cold, white, clinical and sterile environments, as healthcare design is creating a balance between aesthetics, user experience and functionality.

If you think it is time your healthcare space gets a refresh to align with the modern design concepts, contact Interite Healthcare Interiors today.


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