What Trends can be Beneficial to Your Practice?

In today’s day and age, healthcare professionals are increasingly becoming more aware of the importance of design and how the physical environment can contribute to healing and improved recovery times.

Because of this, Interite Healthcare Interiors predict an exponentially greater adoption of multidisciplinary designs when designing healthcare facilities and environments.

So, in what way are we seeing our clients experiment with this understanding and greater awareness of design?

Human Centred Change
At Interite Healthcare Interiors, we are seeing clients empathise with their patients more than ever before. For example, clients are increasingly more willing to widen bathroom doors for patients’ rooms; or creating family and friend pods, or café-style seating arrangements in waiting rooms rather than clinical rows of chairs.

Spatial Design
Spatial design can involve varying elements, including the incorporation of art, indoor plants and gardens, landscapes and feature pieces to assist in the mitigation of patient and caregiver stress. This consideration also addresses the flow and functionality of the environment and the embedding of intuitive wayfinding.

Careful considerations of the building’s acoustics, reduces noise pollution and improves sound proofing and sound-absorbing roofs and floors. This also takes into the consideration of the healthcare spaces music selection and verbal cues from the environment.

Light can be used to control our rest-activity cycle, whilst also influencing our immune system and potential for healing. This is why the right use of lighting in a healthcare environment is particularly crucial. Not only this, but natural lighting has the ability to increase moral, engagement and the overall atmosphere and mood of the facility. Natural lighting is also proven to help promote tissue recovery and enhance the patient’s ability to handle microbial threats.

With clients constantly broadening their understanding of the need of a good design for their healthcare environments, they are beginning to open up to different and unique concepts and ideas. This not only creates a functional environment, but an aesthetically pleasing and influential space.

Human centeredness, spatial design, acoustic and lighting are only four of the many elements healthcare professionals are opening up to, and it is creating an exciting and colourful modern healthcare industry. Join the movement and create your practice in a way to reflect your brand, workflow and client needs: Contact us today.