Perth Colorectal Surgery in Nedlands offers both a specialist Colorectal and comprehensive General Surgical service to Western Australia


Design & Build


Nedlands, WA




Perth Colorectal Surgery is a leading medical practice in Western Australia, providing an integrated and specialised approach to colorectal and general surgical care. With a commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare, they offer a wide spectrum of services, including expert colorectal procedures and comprehensive general surgical treatments. Their team of experienced surgeons, nurses, and support staff is dedicated to providing personalised and compassionate care to patients across the region.

Perth Colorectal Surgery’s state-of-the-art facilities and advanced surgical techniques ensure that patients receive the most up-to-date and effective treatments available. They prioritise patient well-being, offering a holistic approach that combines medical expertise with a patient-centered focus.

Through their dedication to excellence, Perth Colorectal Surgery continues to be a trusted healthcare provider, improving the lives of Western Australians by delivering top-notch colorectal and general surgical services.

We’ve designed and delivered a welcoming, open, warm space to complement their needs. This sophisticated interior design was created to subtly complement the one-off, stunning Painting by the talented Australian artist, Larry Mitchell.

Time and consideration were applied to ensure that the palette of the fit-out wasn’t too overwhelming and that the painting was the hero of the space with gentle salutes to the painting with the navy carpet, brushed brass handles etc.